Pricing and Commissions

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It seems appropriate to think about brainstorming on a stormy day...

I love initial design meetings with clients, on the eve of starting a new commission. Today, a charming gentleman came by to discuss a presentation piece for a long-time friend. We sat together, chatting about the story behind the gift, the recipient, the emotion behind the words, and the gift's purpose. We talked about lettering styles, images, colors, papers, and layout. The excitement built as we explored the options and started to narrow our focus. Finally, we had a layout, a decorative element, colors and lettering styles, and a rough draft of the commission. Success!

This sort of problem-solving fills me with energy and enthusiasm. I love to create something of beauty, something the recipient will appreciate and treasure. Some clients enjoy the process as much as I do -- they are willing to collaborate with me to assemble a design. Some have a very strong feeling about what they want -- colors, styles, images, and all I have to do is put their choices onto the paper. Others call or email text to me and just tell me to "make it look good." This can be fun, or it can be a daunting task, as I have mentioned before.

Today was a good day. A satisfied client, lots of positive energy, and good news from the home front -- who minds a little rain?

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