Pricing and Commissions

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pencil Play

I told you I would start experimenting a bit, so here is an example of what I've been up to. This small sheet was lettered (with pressure and release) with a wonderful new mechanical pencil I got a few months ago. It is huge, well balanced and heavy, with a selection of lead inserts. You'll find a discussion about this pencil on Dave's Mechanical Pencils blog. I found mine in the local Art Mart store, here in Portland. Mine may have been hanging around on a shelf for a while, because I haven't found it online to purchase, but I believe it's similar to a Koh-I-Noor 5.6 mm lead.


My New Toy

OK, I admit it, I am obsessed by office supplies, pens in particular. But this recent birthday present takes the cake! It is a Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen. And it's magical! With just a click, the nib pops out of its little garage door (reminding me of the cool headlights on sports cars) and presents itself, ready to write.

I was skeptical at first... would the ink be dry? Would the nib be smooth enough for daily use? But I am a convert. The pen is ready and waiting each time I use it, and I love the way the nib feels as it glides across the paper. I decided to go with a standard (medium) nib for this pen, but for my next one, I may decide to get the nib re-tooled to resemble a broad nib, suitable for Italic or Uncial lettering...

So Santa, I'm starting my Christmas list early... I want this pen in Nightline Moonlight next!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing With Purpose

Yesterday I went to lunch with 3 fellow calligraphers/artists, and realized anew how important the connection and sharing with like minds can be. I came away from this meeting energized and enthusiastic, ready to dive into a project I started a while ago. The samples above are some of the small pieces I made then, and this week, I have set up an area to do some more small explorations, in an endeavor to find new ways to use my tools and materials.

I will post more of these "happy accidents" soon, and encourage all of you to try some on your own... think, "what if I try this?" and start on a pile of small paper... no worries, no stress, just a curious mind and a willing spirit. Have fun!