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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pencil Play

I told you I would start experimenting a bit, so here is an example of what I've been up to. This small sheet was lettered (with pressure and release) with a wonderful new mechanical pencil I got a few months ago. It is huge, well balanced and heavy, with a selection of lead inserts. You'll find a discussion about this pencil on Dave's Mechanical Pencils blog. I found mine in the local Art Mart store, here in Portland. Mine may have been hanging around on a shelf for a while, because I haven't found it online to purchase, but I believe it's similar to a Koh-I-Noor 5.6 mm lead.



Bill Grant said...

Hi Maggie.

I am enjoying your blog content.I sympathise with you over your loss and know how difficult it is to gain some sort of normality. You will find something positive coming from the experience eventually. I hope we can be in touch from time to time. I shall include your Networkedblog URL among the links of my little blog which you might like to have a look at and we would like to see your work appear in the gallery at Calligraphy at Bill's Space on Facebook.

Kind regards. Bill

Erica said...

Hi Maggie,
Happy to have found your blog and really happy to see some of your beautiful work again! Miss you!
Erica in FL
P.S. Will be sending someone your way from Portsmouth for a job soon.